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Selected Works

"These are poems full of good will, humor, but also exacting detail."
–Laura Kasischke
"Greatest Hits is a powerful and welcome debut."
–Thomas Lynch

Interview with Linda Hogan

November 9, 2017

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In 1991 I interviewed the poet and novelist Linda Hogan for the Lansing Capital Times in conjunction with a panel discussion of Native American literature. Looking back I would have slanted my questions differently, but she was a great interviewee.

Marc J. Sheehan: Your first book publications were collections of poems. How has it been (more…)

Interview with Gary Snyder

August 4, 2017

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Following my post of an interview I conducted with the writer Jim Harrison, here is an interview I did with the poet and essayist Gary Snyder in November of 1996. Again, my thanks to Jeff Garrity who edited and published the Lansing Capital Times where these interviews first appeared.

Marc J. Sheehan: Most readers probably (more…)

Interview with Jim Harrison

June 22, 2017

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Here is an interview I conducted with the poet, novelist, essayist, and gourmand Jim Harrison for the Lansing Capital Times back in September of 1990. Much of the interview seems as timely now as it did more than 25 years ago. Many thanks to Jeff Garrity, who published LCT, for giving me permission to post this (more…)